Our big, sweet, laid-back SCOTTIE BOYEE has a LOVING PERSONALITY to match!
Yep, our sweet curly-haired boyee is definitely a KEEPER!

Poor Fritz is soooo HUNGRY!!!
Ahhhhh, a full tummy and all is GOOD!

Scotty MacDuff and Fritz are kickin' back & taking life easy...

Fritz (top of photo), Scotty MacDuff, Scoobie and Tory (bottom left)

We have adopted a really sweet scottie dog named Fritz!
Fritz is now an official "Howler" but we have a problem... he doesn't howl.  LOL!
Not to worry as Ginger has kindly offered to arooo extra loud. She is such an angel! hah!

Fritz has canine epilepsy and takes potassium bromide and phenobarbital to control his seizures.
He also takes medication for thyroid disease, along with supplements to boost his immune system.

Fritz has been diagnosed with a serious and rare liver disease called Hepatocutaneous Syndrome.
The prognosis is not good and we are keeping all paws crossed for sweet Fritz.

MARCH 17, 2006  
After a brave fight, my big, sweet scottie boyee with the gentle spirit claimed his wings.

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